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Gilmore Printing Services provides exceptional up-to-date electronic pre-press services. Serving as a benchmark quality control tool, our prepress facility is where all of our clients' artwork is prepared for the printing process. All jobs go through the stringent Gilmore Preflight process to ensure that they will produce a quality product on the presses. Our Sublima screening systems are recognized as industry leading technologies.

Computer to Plate (CTP)

In order to provide a superior and environmentally friendly product and ensure that quality is maintained throughout the printing process, Gilmore uses a laser-based technology to bypass film and the conventional film-based proofing process by using its state-of-the-art Computer to Plate process. By reducing the number of steps in the printing process and calibrating the plate imaging process to the prepress and press processes, Gilmore ensures that the final output will meet or exceed the requirements of even the most discerning eye. With the aid of this technology and the experience of our professional prepress and press staff, all of the dark saturated areas as well as the highlights in your artwork are reproduced with fidelity. There are no unpleasant surprises.

Preferred File Format

Gilmore Printing Services will accept files from all Desktop Publishing software. Native files from QuarkXpress, CorelDRAW, Adobe InDesign or CS software, as well as PDF and PDF-X are commonly used but other software and output files are supported. Make sure your fonts are embedded in your job and if process colour or pantone colour is to be used in your file, ensure that this is indicated in your files.

Any questions, please call our prepress experts at 613-599-3776.